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The African Resource Development Centre (ARDC) is a not-for-profit independent Think Tank dedicated to furthering growth and development in Africa. 
Its primary focus is on security, strategy, economy, socio-economic development, energy and governance across which it conducts in-depth policy research, offers cutting-edge consultancy, convenes inclusive platforms, roundtables, strategy sessions, etc. and offers their outcomes for consideration as options for policy and decision-makers, authorities, players in defence and diplomacy, regional economic communities, continental and global organisations and the private sector. 
As a matter of priority, the ARDC invests in Africa’s future leaders and collaborates with Think Tanks and other organisations—regional, continental and global— around the world who share its philosophy and goals.

Management/Advisory Board

The ARDC is headed by a Director/Principal Research Fellow who is supported by an administrative team and research consultants who are commissioned to undertake assigned policy work.

An International Advisory Board (IAB) of eminent persons provides advice on the yearly agenda of the organisation, its collaborative relations with partners, academic stewardship and its research projects.

History of Our Policy Work

Some of our landmark policy interventions over the past 22 years include the following papers:

  • ‘‘Protecting Children In the Midst of Conflict—Local, National and Regional Initiatives’’ (Background paper commissioned by the Government of Canada for ECOWAS Regional Workshop preparatory to the adoption of the ECOWAS Declaration on War-Affected Children, titled: ‘Towards A Regional Initiative in West Africa: Children Trapped in the Midst of Conflict.’) Accra, April 2000.

  • ''Security Policy in Africa with Special Concern to Europe'' (Paper commissioned by the Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation. Contained in Langthaler, A (ed) Sura za Africa pp261—273), Frankfurt am Main, Europaischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1999.

  • *ECOMOG and EUROCORPS: Models of an African Strategic Peace Equation? Lagos / Vienna: African Resource Development Centre / International Network of African Researchers, 1996. Independent policy paper that led to the adoption of regional standby brigades by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU, now the African Union-AU). *(Submitted to HE Edward Benjamin, Executive Secretary of ECOWAS on Tuesday June 1, 1996, at the ECOWAS Secretariat, King George V Street, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria.

Work With Us

The ARDC commissions consultants and experts to research or give presentations on specific research or policy issues from time to time. If you would like to be on our list for possible future commissioning or collaboration, you may send us your resume (not exceeding two A4 pages and typed in single line-spacing providing information on yourself, qualifications, areas of specialisation and papers/publications).



PO Box 75357 Victoria Island, Lagos, NIGERIA.




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